Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Chicago Hoarders Found Buried Alive Under Trash

I cannot fathom this kind of mess. How does a home get this bad? I can’t go to bed until any clothes that are on the bed or floor are put away; there’s no way I could ignore trash.

I’m feeling the need to go home and clean.
Right now.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Grismore Project, Part I

On Saturday, Todd's brother-in-law and his wife cashed in their Organizing Gift Card.  I have a hard time buying them presents, so last Christmas I gave them a four hour organizing gift.  They have a lot of projects in their house, but their primary focus was their office.  It's where the spend a big bulk of their time, and they needed it less chaotic and more functional.

There was the closet:

The desk:

And the cords, my gawd the cords:

It took a mere five hours to whip that office into shape.

The cords were widdled down so that they all fit into that one blue bin.  Success!

The coupon was for only four hours, but there's more I want to do there!  They still have boxes in their garage from when Ann moved in, and the bedroom closet needs some structure, and they still have wedding gifts from last year they need to incorporate into their kitchen!

How can I just ignore that?!
I told them I would be back.  Soon.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grocery Shopping

The grocery list is coming in very handy. If we actually grocery shop each Saturday, which is difficult. But we went today, and I took our magnetic pen with us. I used it to tack the list to the shopping cart.

Not too bad. I still need something hard to put the list on when I scratch off each item. I'm using shelves and strawberry boxes and anything else I can find. It wastes time!

I shall ponder......