Thursday, October 21, 2010

Better Late Than Never, Right?

A mere seven months after I last posted, I finally have updated cottage photos for you!  Where was I during those seven months, you ask?  Busy.  Leave me alone.

So!  Our cottage!

This cozy dwelling boasts a custom made pull out sofa, a private bathroom with shower stall (and live blackberry bushes), a full kitchen and a lovely sitting porch to enjoy the morning sun.

The living area/pull out sofa

The mirrored door leads to the spa-like bathroom
Witness, in your retreat, the tools of a movie maker and creative genius.  Take in the two, count 'em TWO video monitors, random video tapes, and posters from projects past!

Todd's work area, and the front door that leads to the porch
Off of the living area is a full kitchen (minus one working stove burner) complete with dishes, a toaster, a hot water pot and a vast array of teas for your comfort.

The retro kitchen, complete with hot water pot and toaster
This antique china cabinet adds to the old world charm and feeling of yesteryear.

A beautiful china cabinet that houses your dishes
This spa-like bathroom, complete with pink toilet, will envelope you in naughty pine and live foliage from the outdoors!

The spa-like bathroom with naughty pine (hee)
So when your vacation takes you to West Seattle, considering staying at Chez Downing*.

*Rates from $20 to $200 a night (depending on your relationship with the Downings).