Sunday, January 30, 2011

How To Accidently Clean Your House

Or, A Day in the Life of Raechelle.

Decide to change the three shower curtain liners around your clawfoot tub.

Decide that, since you're going to take the showers curtains down, this would be a good time to really clean the tub.  Those curtains get in the way.

But you've been needing to wash the litter box, so if you're going to clean the tub, you might as well wash the litter box out in there.

In dumping the old litter into the garbage bag, some spills. But that's okay, you should vacuum the bathroom anyway.

Once the litter box is clean (and Elvis takes a big poop in it to christen it), you clean the tub.  And you already have your bathroom cleaning basket out, so you might as well just clean the whole bathroom.  It won't take that long.

Once the bathroom is clean, you shake the rugs out and move all the movable stuff into the hall so you can vacuum.  Ah.  Beautiful, clean bathroom!

You move everything back into the bathroom and go to put the vacuum away, but then there's all of that litter in the carpet outside of the bathroom.  Might as well vacuum that up.

And now that the hallway is freshly vacuumed and clean, you might as well vacuum the living and dining room real quick.

But if you're going to vacuum the living room, you should probably go ahead and use the Swiffer to dust off the TV stand and the bookshelves and the coffee table.  And go ahead and get the crumbs out of the cracks of the sofa, loveseat and chair.

Okay.  So we're all dusted, now we can vacuum.  Ah.  Beautiful, clean living room!

On to the dining room, just to vacuum.  But again, there's crumbs on the dining chairs so let's just go ahead and Swiffer those off.

And while we have the Swiffer out, might as well dust the barmoir and anything else that's easy.

So now you can vacuum.  Whew.

Ah.  Beautiful, clean dining room!

But wait.  The kitchen floor is hella-dirty.  If someone walks in there, the dirt will stick to their socks and they'll cart it right back into my clean dining room and living room.

Might as well vacuum the kitchen, while I still have the vacuum out.

Well, if you're going to vacuum the kitchen, you might as well wipe down the countertops since you don't want that crap falling onto your clean floor.

But if you're going to wipe down the countertops, you'll need to put those dishes in the dishwasher.

So you wipe down the countertops, and while you have the wet rag, you might as well wipe down the stove, the fridge handles and the front of the dishwasher.

Okay, all of the dirt is on the floor.  Time to vacuum.

Ah.  Beautiful, clean kitchen!

As you're putting the vacuum cleaner away, think, it wouldn't really take that long to vacuum up the bedroom.

But you know you should probably dust before you vacuum.

And, in order to vacuum, you're going to have to put shoes in the closet and the dirty clothes in the hamper.

So you put everything away, straighten up the bed, Swiffer real quick, then vacuum the bedroom.

Ah.  Beautiful, clean bedroom!

You put the vacuum away and realize it's an hour and a half later.

What just happened here?


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Good Job!