Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Project Has Begun

(sung to the tune of The Healing Has Begun)

On Saturday, I went over Ann's for our first "meeting".  Meeting is in quotes because we, along with a friend of her's, went out to sushi, then went through her pile of clothes to give away (sweaters, red purse, pink Old Navy sweats, Christmasy shirts!), then opened a bottle of wine, and then finally looked at her spreadsheet and talked organizing. 

I like meetings like this.

Ann was very productive with her spreadsheet.  She added some projects and assigned them to people.  A lot of the projects will be done by a contractor (bath, painting, etc) so we get to focus more on the organizing, staging and cleaning.

We'll start Saturday with the kitchen and hall closet.  There may be pictures.

I am very excited.

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