Saturday, February 26, 2011

How To Clean Your Countertop Griddle

You can't.
It's impossible.

You just wipe down as best you can, until it's so disgusting you can't cook on it anymore, then you go to Target and buy a new one.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Kitchen

On Saturday, I went to Ann's to attack our first project.  The kitchen.

Ann and Doug had their kitchen remodeled last year.  Completely remodeled.  Gutted.  For months.  So when the kitchen was finally finished, they just threw everything back into the cabinets and drawers just so they could use it.

And was....challenging.

When one has bakeware in four different areas of the kitchen, one tends to forget how much bakeware they really have.  They can't find the muffin pan, so they buy another muffin pan. 

What happens?

You have a plethora of bakeware.

I asked Ann if she just loved to bake.  She said she used to, but not so much anymore.


And then we have tupperware.

We pulled tupperware out of cabinets, drawers and the hall closet.  Just say no to the tupperware!  I was so proud of Ann though - she said "If it's missing it's mate, chuck it!"  Woohoo!

And chuck we did.  She made a huge pile of bakeware, doodads, never before used gifts, linens, and anything else she would look at and say, "Why am I keeping this?!"

Look at that pile! 

And look at my pile!

Because Ann has a habit of saying "Do you want this?  Can Kayleigh use this?  You'll love this wine!"

I like hanging out with Ann.

Next is a run to The Container Store (gawd help us) and getting started on the garage.  Good stuff.