Monday, June 20, 2011

Pledge Fabric Sweeper

My mom introduced me to the Pledge Fabric Sweeper when I was home.

I'd seen the commercials, but I don't trust commercials.  Gotta see for myself.  And holy crap, was I impressed.  One swipe back and forth and you've got a hairless swath of material.


However, the Pledge sweeper didn't work on our dining chair cushions.  Those little buttons get in the way.  But then I remembered about the rubber glove trick.

Rubber gloves are great for wiping up pet hair.  And people hair, but I don't have to do that very much anymore.  It's a little hard on your arm because you have to wipe really hard, but it's effective.

Photo credit: Todd, my assistant

I know I don't post on Mighty Tidy very often, but at least I have good tips when I do, right?

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