"Raechelle not only makes things neat and tidy, she makes them attractive. This is someone who can do something about all the stuff you've been tripping over and make your living room (or office, or kitchen)  a place you want to live in again."

 — Karen Anderson
"To say that Raechelle is talented at organizing is an understatement. While the rest of us are struggling to make enough room on the kitchen table to eat dinner, she’s whipping chaos into submission with a smile on her face. The enthusiasm and determination with which she tackles a project are remarkable. All this and one of the most pleasant people I have ever met too!"

- Kim, Crown Hill

"I have hired Raechelle a number of times for assistance when I just couldn't see adding another task to my plate, and I've always been impressed with her work.  She is on time, industrious, and frankly saw opportunities for improvement that I simply didn't, having reluctantly accepted the mess for so long.  Tidying is just in her blood, and bless her for it!"
- Rachelle, Phinney Ridge


Jamie B, Seattle said...

LOVE working with Raechelle! She provides just the right amount of assistance while taking your concerns and situation into consideration. She would never come in and dictate what you should do, but is more like a really good friend that is there to help you through it. She will provide as much, or as little, assistance as you need. She has helped me with small and large projects with lots and little hands on. She is my go-to gal when I need help and am feeling overwhelmed.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says "Organized" like Raechelle. Projects can be overwhelming and to have someone like Raechelle come into your home and put order to chaos is such a relief! Saves time, frustration and money - no more going out to buy those things you "can't find" because now they are found, and set up in a place you can find them again. Hire this woman and you will buy yourself time, and that is a gift!
West Seattle