Mighty Tidy is here to help you get your space organized and functional.  My philosophy is that everything has a place in your home and office, and if it doesn't, we need to find one. 

I have been straightening, tidying, organizing, purging, cleaning and restructuring since I was a wee pup.  I've spent 20 years as an administrative assistant, organizing calendars, files, desks, offices supply rooms, and other people's lives. 

As an independently employed organizer, I have assisted in many projects, from organizing a bathroom drawer to setting up a brand new home office.  I have turned a media room that was used for storage back into a cozy, functional media room and revamped a closet that hadn't been cleaned out in 10 years.

My goal is to help you turn a daunting, overwhelming project into a manageable, cathartic experience so that you have the space you want...and deserve.